Steam running out of pressure or solving the issue of kid spammers?

Steam have apparently cut back on their output! To me, I think it’s a good thing.

So what has Steam done?

Due to community back lash, Steam don’t want free to play gamer’s  to do the following:

get banned

make a new account

rinse and repeat!

So basically, they have stopped accounts that have not bought games and have nothing to loose by  being dicks

Well done Steam. In my opinion.

Elite Dangerous

Loving Elite Dangerous but to me, it still feels lacking.

I love the spacey feel and the Jumps are unreal. I just feel it needs a lot more to make it a game.

Elder Scrolls Online

This is an add on recommended by Base for ESO. Give it a go.

Has Health, mini map and more.

New Site update

Hi everyone. I’ve finally got back to fixing the site.

Sorry it’s been down for so long.

I hope to have the old forums back soon. There’s a lot of work to get them back and running.

MineCraft gets new patch.

Minecraft has a new patch. 1.84

It was released to rectify some security issues but also has a few fixes.

Read on for more detail

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Star Wars Battlefront.

Star Wars Battlefront goes on sale at the end of the year. November the 17th

 It’s looking to be an incredible game and one I will more than likely pre-purchase.

 Dice announced, on this upcoming game, they would not be using Battlelog but building their own system from the ground up.

Diablo Season 3 is here!

Diablo Season 3 is here.

It’s time to get leveling and find all those cool weapons.


Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls now has no subscription so if you want to have some MMO fun, its a great place to start.

ATM, ESO is being played by 7 odd PwR clannies.

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