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SteamVR Knuckles. Vive’s Upcoming improved Controller.

They call it the answer to the Oculas’s controllers and it looks pretty cool. No more drops thanks to the wrist band and five finger sensing.. Still in dev and a few issues but hopefully can get our hand “hahaha”

Nvidia’s Big Format Gaming Displays. 64 inc. 120hz.

So to up the anti. Nvidia have announced and even larger Gaming Monitor. 64 inches of gaming goodness. Gsync Anti tearing. And it’s big! More details here.  

HTC Vive finally goes PRO… with the ummmm, Vive Pro.

Just when you thought “How amazing is the Vive!” Along comes the PRO! That’s right. To compete with Microsofts new VR’s,  Vive has updated their system with a new higher resolution. The screen door effect, according to testers is now