7 Days to Die 17 release date?

Still no news on the anticipated patch 17 release date for 7 days to die.

Many people are speculating that because every major update has been on average 8 months,

it may drop around April. It will be The Fun Pimps most ambitious update yet with a host of improvements and add-on’s.

Some of my favourites are the Bicycle, Hog, Sedan and Copter.  But with many new affects and objects, a fresh start should be fun.

Here are links to the anticipated new features that will hopefully make it in.

Wallpaper and Trader Bob Images
Trader Bob Compound Concept Art
First look at bicycle
First look at THE HOG
Concept Art Video
Bathtub and Modular Pallet art assets
Dungeon Prefab Video
Player Mocap and Vehicles Video
First look at new Stag
First look at school bus model
Zombie Ragdoll and more video
Madmole comments and answers questions
Madmole comments on newest video concerning Bosses and HP bars
Kinyajuu comments on A17 system overhauls
Kinyajuu comments on the A17 weapon mod system
Madmole confirms jeep for A17 and shows new menus
faatal shows pics of gyrocopter
faatal reveals dynamic origin point used in A17
Madmole shows footage of gyrocopter and other vehicle progress
Madmole shows footage of combat enhancements and more.
Madmole posts a video by Prime about dialogue system and quests
Kinyajuu posts a video showing current weapon’s testing


For more information, pop over to the 7 days website development thread.


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