Monthly Archives: March 2018

7 Days to Die 17 release date?

Still no news on the anticipated patch 17 release date for 7 days to die. Many people are speculating that because every major update has been on average 8 months, it may drop around April. It will be The Fun

Celebrating 20 years of StarCraft

Blizzard are celebrating 20 years of StarCraft with a raft of gifts for its gamer’s across all its games starting March 7 ending with a big stream at the end of March. List of the goodies are available in the

Is Discord the new BLACK?

So last night we used Discord as our main TS over Teamspeak. It has a lot of benefits over TS such as webbrowser access and YouTube posting directly into the Discord channel. It may just well be our new hang

New Overwatch hero Brigitte.

I haven’t even learnt to play all the other heroes yet. Lindholm is Overwatch’s new Hero who’s  goal is to Shield, support and heal.