Steep: Road to the Olympics DLC

Steep just got steeper. Pretty good DLC which includes the snowboarding events, slopestyle Bigair halfpipe and cross plus the downhill skiing events which are very challenging.
A new massif called Asia which incorporates some Japanese and Korean slopes which are narly.
The DLC has a great intro tutorial which gives you the basic skills to tackle these events and nice cut scenes with some of the competitors in the 2018 games and gives the DLC a real connection with the games.
So far I’ve managed one gold medal in slopestyle and 2 bronze in giant slalom and bigair and they do play your national anthem when you win a medal… wicked !

3 Responses to Steep: Road to the Olympics DLC

  1. DJ says:

    I think I will get enough gameplay out of the main game for some time yet.

  2. brimlad says:

    yes you will though you won’t get any medals and never hear the Australian anthem… good DLC and DJ you have some work to do to get those thighs up to speck… I’ll be checking those times !!

  3. DJ says:

    What’s this website about again?

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