PwR & FB versus THE WORLD!

So, Snowy and I are going to try and organise a Gaming night with some FB, PwR and all the old FC clans.

I’ll send a MASS mail out inviting everyone that has joined the pwr site.

The plan is to pay a FREE to play game. ATM, the pick is Team Fortress.

I’ll update this post with details as we go along.

This will probably be an event over a few hours.
We will put up a poll to see what day and times people prefer.

  • Game:              Team Fortress 2  atm.
  • TeamSpeak:   PwR TS3, but if a larger than expected turn out, we will use the PwR Discord. Click on the link on the front page to join.
  • Date:                To be decided. Prob a Saturday or Sunday.
  • Food:               BYO

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14 Responses to PwR & FB versus THE WORLD!

  1. DJ says:

    So with the forum remake and importing of the forums, I lost the reply’s to this thread, but as it stood, I think a TF2 night was going to be the way to go.

  2. DJ says:

    I’m planning on opening this up to all the old Farcry clans.
    I’ll include details in the Mass mail out news letter.

  3. brimlad says:

    are FB still a thing, they’d all be in walking frames, Shirley 🙂

  4. DJ says:

    True, but better than the colostomy bags half of PwR wear.

  5. brimlad says:

    I thought that was a wine bladder… damn 🙂

  6. DJ says:

    Think before you Dink!!

    Put up a poll for preferred gaming night.. It’s in the top post.

  7. coleridge49 says:

    I voted for Tony, I hope that’s okay.

  8. DJ says:

    Tony Abbot or Tony Barber? One of them is OK..

  9. coleridge49 says:

    I knew you’d love Tony “Budgie Smuggler” Abbot

  10. DJ says:

    You never know, I just may have a his and hers diamond encrusted Sale of the century gold watch.

    I wear the “hers”

  11. Snowghost says:

    well the key thing is, getting people togeather.
    i havnt seen V or cheeko, or….i dno who.

  12. DJ says:

    U bet. Even for some simple fun games.
    I’ll send out some steam invites and events.

    I think we need to start of small with fun community gaming events.

    The trick is doing it without Brimlad or BoZ finding out.

  13. brimlad says:

    don’t worry DJ I won’t tell BoZ or Brimlad and besides you keep spelling Brimlad’s name wrong so he won’t even realise your talking about him… clever 🙂

  14. DJ says:

    I spell many things rong

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