Monthly Archives: February 2018

Nvidia’s GTX2000 Series.

The new GTX2000 series GPU’s were expected to be displayed at CES 2018 but to many peoples disappointment, they only played hype adds. Some rumours said there may be a March 2018 release but that does not look to be

Steep: Road to the Olympics DLC

Steep just got steeper. Pretty good DLC which includes the snowboarding events, slopestyle Bigair halfpipe and cross plus the downhill skiing events which are very challenging. A new massif called Asia which incorporates some Japanese and Korean slopes which are

PwR & FB versus THE WORLD!

So, Snowy and I are going to try and organise a Gaming night with some FB, PwR and all the old FC clans. I’ll send a MASS mail out inviting everyone that has joined the pwr site. The plan is

TS3 or Discord

So, we all love TS3, but if it is not running, you can use the Discord as a backup. Click on the Discord box “bottom left of site” to join the server.


When to much punk isn’t enough go CyberPunk 2077… no release date yet though it is 2018 not 2077 !! Personal responsibility…


when it’s not steep enough you have to go Steep, the best snow sports sim, awesome narly fun 😀

C64 Mini.

After the Commador 16 and the Texas instuments, came the Commador 64. Who didn’t have a Commadore 64! It was a gaming great. Many an hour was spent playing games like Boulder Dash. Like the Nintendo, The C64 has had

WE ARE TARTON! PwR Kilt now on Sale.

In all the glory of the clan colours. By popular demand, we have the return of the clan formal dress. And for the lowly price of TwoFiddy, you can sport the latest of fashion. Don’t be teased for wearing a

FarCry 5

Farcy 5 is due for release 27th March 2018. It looks to be a huge game.  

Kerbal Space Program Expansion pack Coming March.

Kerbal’s 1st expansion pack is due for release in March. Should be around $20 bucks. Lets kill some Kerbal’s