4K monitors.

Just as a heads up, there are a  lot of new 4k monitors out there that are really cheap.

How do they go? Well, really good. I grabbed the Samsung 4k and I’m loving it.

I bought the Samsung due to reviews and specs. So far, love the Samsung, but feel it could do some things better.

So a monitor at work died. I needed a new one. But thought, what the heck, I’ll upgrade my home monitor and move my old AOC 3D mon to work.

I have a 6GB 780GTX and it really does handle the extra pixels very well. The nice thing is, if things get slow on a game, I can always turn the settings back to a lower resolution. So in all ways, you get the best of both worlds.

I was going to buy the AOC, but bought the Samsung due to reviews as a gaming Monitor. I can’t complain, but miss the Auto input device select from the old AOC. So basically, if you turned off the computer and turned on the Xbox, it auto selected. Same for Playstation.

I could be wrong and missing a setting, but I don’t think the Samsung can do this which is a real pain. Reason is, shut down PC and go to bed. Wake up, turn on Xbox. No monitor unless you use the monitor buttons to change input device. Seems a bit old school to me.

All else aside. Love the 4k def.

Anyone else got one? Whats your thoughts.

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