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SteamVR Knuckles. Vive’s Upcoming improved Controller.

They call it the answer to the Oculas’s controllers and it looks pretty cool.

No more drops thanks to the wrist band and five finger sensing..

Still in dev and a few issues but hopefully can get our hand “hahaha” on them soon.

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Happy Birthday Brimlad.

DJ in PTU.. Suck it Brimlad :P

Star citizen Alpha 3.0 PTU released but limited.

That’s right. Check your emails because you could just be the chosen one!

Players will be emailed an invite with a link to download the new patcher.

It will be in stages so I think the earlier you bough the game, the more likely

you will be in Alpha 3.0 sooner.




Blizzard OverWatch Black Friday 50% off sale.

So you want Blizzard’s Overwatch cheap?

Get it now.Standard addition $29.95 AU

Who could say no to that?


Star Citizen release date. Mid December maybe?

So was watching Will Holden who does TubeCast’s

He has a leak that says two things.

.1. They are testing in Evocati 100 people in a server with not bad FPS.

.2. Alpha 3.0 is expected to release between early and mid December.

A bit of, I know someone who Knows someone, but hey, Exciting times.

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Samsung’s new 49 inch Curved QLED Gaming Monitor.

Don’t care how… I won’t one now!!!

The new Samsung gaming Monitor is HUGE.

And for only $2500.00, why not get two?

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Buying Star Citizen? Use this code! STAR-V5DJ-5XWQ

Star Citizen has a referral code. You get and extra 5000 credits in game.

I get a point? I doubt I would ever get enough points to get anything more than an in-game T-shirt but the 5000 is worth it.

So if you are going to get Star Citizen, use this code when purchasing for an extra 5000 u credits.

code: ….>     STAR-V5DJ-5XWQ

Testing user posting rights to write…. right?

This is a post test.

Please respond in an orderly fashion.

To comment, click on the TITLE and there is a post screen there.

Just like forums really.

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