Star Citizen goes Evocati.

Star Citizen has finally gone to Evocati testing so hopefully

we will start to see RSI rolling out Alpha 3.0 in the next week our so.


New Site updates.

Been working on the site again.

Forums are now Incorporated into the site but still atm use a separate login to the front end. So if u would like to use the shoutbox, you will  need to register on the main site and in the forums to use the forums.

Due to hacking issues, we will be admin activating accounts.


Starcitizen Alpha 3.0 Release date fast approaching.

So the buzz is we will be getting Apha 3 sometime during Gamescon.


Gamescon starts on 23rd Aug and goes through to 26th.

Once Alpha 3 gets released, I think we will so a lot more of us playing all the time.

It will also be the time to talk friends into playing.

Predator X34


Asus have released a gaming monitor. The Preditor X34.

It’s not quite 4k, but it is considered to be the best gaming monitor out there at the moment.

Boz and myself have one and we love it.

It has a G sync to always give you the best possible refresh rate for any given game.


I do find the controls a bit hard to sort out though.