PwR vs FB.. Well more like playing with…

So, Snowy and I are going to try and organise a Gaming night with some FB guys and PwR.

We want to pick a FREE to play game. We don’t want to vs each other, we want to have mixed teams.

I know the pic says otherwise, but FB and PwR sitting in a tree just would not have looked as tough.

Any suggestions for a game will be appreciated.


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HTC Vive finally goes PRO… with the ummmm, Vive Pro.

Just when you thought “How amazing is the Vive!”

Along comes the PRO!

That’s right. To compete with Microsofts new VR’s,  Vive has updated their system with a new higher resolution.

The screen door effect, according to testers is now hardly visible.

Also, a full wireless version will be available. The Vive Pro is compatible with your existing light houses and controllers.

Due for release I believe 2nd quarter.   I want one already.

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WE ARE TARTON! PwR Kilt now on Sale.

In all the glory of the clan colours.

By popular demand, we have the return of the clan formal dress.

And for the lowly price of TwoFiddy, you can sport the latest of fashion.

Don’t be teased for wearing a hoody!

It’s time to man up. Don a spartan tartan Mc’PwR Kilt.



(womens line of pants to be released soon)

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Nvidia’s Big Format Gaming Displays. 64 inc. 120hz.

So to up the anti. Nvidia have announced and even larger Gaming Monitor.

64 inches of gaming goodness.


Anti tearing.

And it’s big!

More details here.


SteamVR Knuckles. Vive’s Upcoming improved Controller.

They call it the answer to the Oculas’s controllers and it looks pretty cool.

No more drops thanks to the wrist band and five finger sensing..

Still in dev and a few issues but hopefully can get our hand “hahaha” on them soon.

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GTX 1080 Australian price and release.

So, the new GTX 1080 is reported to be more powerful than two GTX 980’s in SLI.

Also, they are shipping the end of May. Very exciting.

And the price AU? Around $900.00 bucks!

That is good news all round.


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Vive Australia. When did you order it. When did you get it?

Ordered a Vive. Very excited. But when will I get it.

Looked around the web and can’t really find an Aussie topic on this.

So, I will add my details and hopefully, other will add theirs and update as we go along.

my order date Order Date: 4/6/2016

and currently where my order is at.

HTC Vive

  • Boxed Shipment
  • Order Status: Pending FulfillmentYour order has been released for fulfillment. You will receive a shipment confirmation email with tracking when your product is shipped. Tracking numbers will be displayed on this page after the product has shipped.


Just received delivery confirmation email.


HTC Vive

  • Boxed Shipment
  • Track Shipment: XX: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Quantity shipped: 1

Todays date 6th May

Estimated del date is 10th May.   I’ll post on del times.

Fedex called. Said I had to pay GST and duty fees. $206.78

I paid over the phone. I checked it all out and it’s above board. Funny way to do it though.

05/08/16. Tracking says it’s landed in Sydney.




  • vive

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Vodafone 4g 50GB Mobile plan

Vodafone have released in Australia, there new Wireless mobile broadband plans.

It’s a bit dear at $140.00 a month but it does what it says.

If your stuck with poor ADSL plans and live a little to far from the exchange like me,

it is nice to be able to get a LOT more speed.

ADSL2  speeds 8000/1000

Vodafone Cube 82000/40000

Speeds vary but it is very fast.  Down side is, in gaming, my ping is around 1/3 higher.

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Predator X34

Asus have released a gaming monitor. The Preditor X34.

It’s not quite 4k, but it is considered to be the best gaming monitor out there at the moment.

Boz and myself have one and we love it.

It has a G sync to always give you the best possible refresh rate for any given game.

I do find the controls a bit hard to sort out though.




4K monitors.

Just as a heads up, there are a  lot of new 4k monitors out there that are really cheap.

How do they go? Well, really good. I grabbed the Samsung 4k and I’m loving it.

I bought the Samsung due to reviews and specs. So far, love the Samsung, but feel it could do some things better.

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