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Samsung’s new 49 inch Curved QLED Gaming Monitor.

Don’t care how… I won’t one now!!!

The new Samsung gaming Monitor is HUGE.

And for only $2500.00, why not get two?

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Buying Star Citizen? Use this code! STAR-V5DJ-5XWQ

Star Citizen has a referral code. You get and extra 5000 credits in game.

I get a point? I doubt I would ever get enough points to get anything more than an in-game T-shirt but the 5000 is worth it.

So if you are going to get Star Citizen, use this code when purchasing for an extra 5000 u credits.

code: ….>     STAR-V5DJ-5XWQ

Testing user posting rights to write…. right?

This is a post test.

Please respond in an orderly fashion.

To comment, click on the TITLE and there is a post screen there.

Just like forums really.

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Star Citizen New Recruits.

So if you have had the misfortune of meeting

a clan member or myself in game, we are recruiting.
Due to hacker issues, please make an account and put a shout

in the Shout Box using your name so we know you are a player and not a hacker.


WE ARE TARTON! PwR Kilt now on Sale.

In all the glory of the clan colours.

By popular demand, we have the return of the clan formal dress.

And for the lowly price of TwoFiddy, you can sport the latest of fashion.

Don’t be teased for wearing a hoody!

It’s time to man up. Don a spartan tartan Mc’PwR Kilt.



(womens line of pants to be released soon)


Getting close? Hope so!

So will it be early November?

We can only hope. A lot of work has been done and it’s hopefully close.

I believe all the shopping bugs should be fixed by now and they should be working on missions.

There will be an update later today so fingers crossed on some news.

The only thing is, will it be released in stages such as kickstarters, then next wave and on?

Star Citizen Base building.

It looks like base building may be a large part of clan play

It will be interesting to see how this all works and comes together.

It would be nice to see clans building, contributing and protecting a clan base on a home world.

Happy Birthday Mousey

Happy Birthday Mousey.

Hope you had a great day.





Star Citizen goes Evocati.

Star Citizen has finally gone to Evocati testing so hopefully

we will start to see RSI rolling out Alpha 3.0 in the next week our so.